From: Emily Avera and Judd

Date: Sun, Oct 27, 2013 11:44:27 PM

Subject: Jacksonville, Florida Clinic

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Reinhardt,

My name is Emily Avera and at the end of April 2013 I attend your clinic in Jacksonville Fl. My horse Judd and I really took a lot away from your clinic. After your clinic we made our fastest run ever using the Reinhardt sequence, we ran a 16.299 at your local NBHA show. Before your clinic I would freak out after I did a bad run, now after your clinic a have a positive attitude after every run good or bad. I just want to take the time and really thank you for all your help I believe I wouldn't be the racer I am now if I didn't attend the clinic. My dad never cries but he said watching me grow as a rider just in your clinic from beginning to end brought water to his eyes. Again I just want to thank you for all of your help. I do have one Question last weekend I came off the 1st barrel a little wide but then as we got close to the 2nd barrel I felt Judd trying to go towards the alley way. I tried everything I could to get him over but he went a stopped the clock. I took him back out and made him finish the pattern in and walk back home. My Question is what could have caused him to do that and what can I do to not have him so it again? I just want to say Again how much you guys have impacted my barrel racing and thank you. I look forward to attending your next clinic in Jacksonville.

Thank you,

Emily Avera and Judd

From: Cheryl Hicks

Date: August 16, 2013, 8:10:42 AM CDT

Subject: Tentative Schedule Clinic Video     SEE VIDEO HERE

Good morning,

I just watched your video about your clinics and it has inspired me more than you can imagine. I live in Brooksville, FL. about 45 minutes south of Ocala and I'm hoping that you will have a clinic somewhere down this way that I may attend. I'm about to turn 57 later this year and I'm just a mediocre rider at best. I use to barrel race almost every weekend on seasoned horses. I now have a 5 year old that is relying on me to season him and finish his training. I'm not a trainer in any way shape or fashion. I'm finding so many holes in my riding trying to ride this horse. Thank the Lord for finding me such a patient and kind horse who just seems to understand I'm trying real hard to do us both some good. I'm truly blessed.

Your video inspired me because its so simple and giving. I want to be around people like you and learn what you can teach me. Please let me know if you'll ever be in my neck of the woods.

Thanks so much and may the good Lord bless you and your family.